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I want to be bored with you

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ADapt or die lyric video

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Recalibrate & Listen!

Spotify playlist with some of my fave IDM artists. 

These are releases from Warp Records

Recalibrate and Listen.. 

Some of my favorite IDM artists. Let me know who yours are!

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That sweet & sassy mixtape. 
Including some of my favorite female artists. 
Electro beats with lots of Peaches music on her spotify mixtape

That sweet & sassy mixtape. 

Including some of my favorite female artists. Carefully curated playlist for the pleasure seekers. 


Colour of Me

Tasha Baxter sounds like Bjork. This is her debut album Colour of Me produced by Dutch trio Noisia.

Debut album released in 2007. A collection of old and new material symbiotically formed between Tasha Baxter and Andre Scheepers. 

Came to fruition from the love of Drum and Bass. Turned into a future bass, dream disco pop album. 

Produced by Noisia, released through EMI South Africa. 

Concept EP - Ebb & Flow

Tasha Baxter writes music that makes you Ebb & Flow. These are her releases from her EP produced by Feed Me.

Circa 2011. Inspired by the Lunar Mares, (Lakes and Oceans on the moon) the cyclical nature of life, the ebb & flow of emotional tides and experiential currents. Each song correlated with a mare on the moon and it's exact co-ordinates to Earth. Ebb & Flow corresponded with Lacus Spei, which means Lake of Hope. The cover art for each single was the exact geo location of that lake on the moon to where it met on Earth, which was captured in that very moment. This was a concept EP that never completely came to fruition. Included original songs like Ebb & Flow, which later saw a remix on Feed Me's Calamari Tuesday Album. 

Other songs included Bikes, Bound by Babes, Fake The Fall and Some Day in June.